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October [01 Oct 2008|11:03pm]
[ mood | alright ]

Only recently have I really.. appreciated or, for that matter cared much about the changing of the seasons. It's so hard to really define seasons, I need something more concrete. The calendar says when it "legally" starts but usually you're already cold or hot by then. They come and go differently for different people in different places so I've never bothered myself with them because they ARE so intangible. I would just put on shorts, or stow away jackets.

But as i alluded, I might have a new found appreciation. I don't want to call it yet. Maybe it's just me getting older, but things like that seem to have significance. If it's colder hotter wetter or drier outside, it has an effect on me. Or, I've become a boring person and things like that are of interest.

Sidebar: I am also hopelessly devoted to spell-check. I used to pride myself on being a rather good speller. Now I'll just spew out something close to the word and let the computer clean it up.

I've considered writing more. Some people think its therapeutic. Put it on paper. Or.. internets. I should definitely make a new journal if I'm going to write seriously, because this journal is pretty ridiculous. It's a snapshot of high school for me. Well parts of high school. Like 2004? Who knows. Whenever livejournal was cool. I can still type livejournal really fast. I type fast in general. Thanks internet.

Alright, I'll ditch the ambiguity (I spelled that right, first try). I moved back in with parents in a new city. I like it here. It's a small city. Between 10k - 12k people. A lot of small business. And traffic. One of those is a good thing. I work at the local newspaper. I tape my coworkers office supplies and peripherals to their desk when they're away, and vice versa. It's nice. The pay is. OK. It's resume fodder. I'm taking this semester off. Hopefully not the next. A degree of some kind is important. Even though I got this job without one. I've worked there.. 2 months now. I have a big office, a comfy chair, a nice computer and phone line/email. And a fan. Oscillating (First try!). It's a 9-5. I stay late on deadline days. I come home and lay on the couch during lunch. My parents live 5 minutes away. A tank of gas could last me a month.

I'm visiting New Jersey in about 10 days. Plane tickets are cheap right now. Fly somewhere! I like New Jersey too. I also like Maggie Zakary, she lives in New Jersey. She is my only girlfriend.

"I don't have a girlfriend, but I know a woman that would be mad at me for saying that!" -Mitch Hedberg

Unrelated quote. Maggie Zakary is moving here next summer, and we're going to live in downtown Savannah. Savannah is pretty in the fall. You HAVE to notice it, even if you float adventitiously through the seasons like myself. Acorns crunching under your shoes, leaves in the gutters, a brief repose from extreme temperatures. That wasn't a sentence. It's mainly the temperature that makes Savannah nice in the fall. After an assuredly grueling summer, Fall is like a breath of fresh air.

What do you think would happen if the seasons never changed? If one day it was just summer forever? Would we stop calling it summer? I'd welcome that. You don't know when it starts or stops now anyway. I'll start calling it summer year round, and during the colder months I'll say it's the cold part of summer. That's actually borderline crazy.

What am I talking about? Did I sign on to talk about the weather?

I used to live with my sister. I'm sure I've wrote about her on here before. She was the bane of my existence for awhile. She's a magician. She makes money disappear. I live with my parents now, and she was staying with some friends. (She has 3 kids.) Those people kicked her out, she's living in a hotel. I don't care. I'm desensitized to her woes. Her woes were my own for too long. It's refreshing to not give a shit about the perpetual rut she's in. "Prepetual Rut." That'd be a good sludge medal band name.

Looking back, my last post had some political content. I'll spare us both this time and predict the outcome: 313-225, Barack Obama, our 44th president. John McCain, that much closer to death. Sarah Palin, hopelessly lost in the big peoples world. Don't get me started.

This is how I have the battlegrounds falling:

Obama has many paths to the White House. John McCain has very few. He's on defense. His best shot at the White House is a guided tour. 35 days 'til the election.

I suppose that's it. I feel like I had more to say. I feel like I'm burgeoning (First try) with things to say, but no vehicle to dispel them. Or, it's that I feel like I should be burgeoning. Because I could definitely get it out here. No one reads livejournal.

"I did a radio interview with XM radio... they said "you can swear on XM radio." No shit, cause nobody can hear it. You can swear in the woods, too!" -Mitch Hedberg

That's it.
See you next season, livejournal.

stutter step to the beat of a disparaged lover

Top 10 Albums of 2007 [09 Jan 2008|10:17pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

1. Kanye West – Graduation
2. Fear Before The March of Flames – The Always Open Mouth
3. Arcade Fire – Neon Bible
4. Crime In Stereo – Is Dead
5. Bright Eyes – Cassadaga
6. VA – Juno OST
7. The Warriors – Genuine Sense of Outrage
8. Wyclef Jean – The Carnival II: Memoirs of an Immigrant
9. Comeback Kid – Broadcasting
10. Chiodos – Bone Palace Ballet

Honorable Mentions (Or 11-15)

11. Darkest Hour – Deliver Us
12. Between the Buried and Me – Colors
13. Minus The Bear - Planet of Ice
14. Jay-Z – American Gangster
15. Poison the Well - Versions

Dishonorable Mentions

Thursday - Kill The House Lights
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster - II

deets and more info behind the cutCollapse )

[2003] [2004] [2005] [2006]

didn't do this in 2006. don't know why not. maybe i'll go back in time and repost it.
nah, who am i kidding.
see you next year.

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YO DUDE. [15 Jul 2006|11:18pm]
report from the road. new jersey rocks. new york city is gigantic. going to canada tomorrow. i got a book of sweet ass postcards. if you want a postcard give me your address! that is all.
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DEAL TIME. myspace x-post [01 May 2006|02:39am]
yessir. i just recently aquired a refursbished ipod and have eliminated the need for my "cd collection." its not really a collection, its more of like, these are all the cds i found in my car. some of them are pretty terribly damaged, some of them don't belong to me, and some are not labeled.

i'd say theres probably like 10 actual purchased cds, the rest burned. 95% full lengths, 5% mixes. id say its MAYBE about 75 cds, look for yourself below. mostly hardcore, rock, metal, indie, etc. nothing too crazy.

i dont wanna throw them away, thats wasteful. if anyone wants these, ill sell the whole stack. for whatever. make an offer. msg me. thanks.

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top ten cd's of 2005 [31 Dec 2005|03:01pm]
top ten cd's of 2005:

[#1] every time i die - gutter phenomenon

[#2] norma jean - o god, the aftermath

[#3] lucero - nobody's darlings

[#4] the fall of troy - doppelganger

[#5] va - punk goes 80's

[#6] pelican - the fire in our throats will beckon the thaw

[#7] comeback kid - wake the dead

[#8] minus the bear - menos el oso

[#9] darkest hour - undoing ruin

[#10] between the buried and me - alaska

honorable mentions:
[#11] panic! at the disco - a fever you can't sweat out
[#12] kanye west - late registration
[#13] reggie and the full effect - songs not to get married to

postscript:Collapse )

happy new year, be safe.
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top ten cds of 2004 [02 Jan 2005|02:16am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

my top 10 cds of 2004::

[#1] head automatica - decadence
[#2] my chemical romance - three cheers for sweet revenge
[#3] the chariot - everything is alive, everything is breathing, nothing is dead, nothing is bleeding
[#4] converge - you fail me
[#5] showbread - no sir, nihilism is not practical
[#6] casey jones - the few, the proud, the crucial
[#7] unearth - the oncoming storm
[#8] zao - the funeral of god
[#9] taking back sunday - where you want to be
[#10] walls of jericho - all hail the dead

honorable mentions:
dead poetic - new medicines : almost!
fear before the march of flames - art damage : just didn't grow on me like the first did
circle takes the square - as the roots undo : not sure if it came out in 2004 lol
he is legend - i am hollywood : too wimpy at times, to have such raw songs as seduction and the title track

dishonorable mentions:
matchbook romance - stories and alibis : why do people fawn over these guys?
underoath - they're only chasing safety : sell outs.
hopesfall - a types : sell outs. you guys broke my heart.

[ last year's top 10 ]

i think i did good.
these are my 10 favorite cds, out of the cds i heard this year.

comments? suggestions? faggots?

edit from 12/31/05: MCR BETTER THAN CONVERGE, i must have done too many drugs in 2004.

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friends only two [23 Jun 2004|02:43am]
[ mood | content ]

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top ten cd's of 2003 [29 Dec 2003|08:47pm]
[10] the notwist - neon golden
[9] the mars volta - deloused in the comatorium
[8] the bled - pass the flask
[7] the blood brothers - burn, piano island, burn
[6] outkast - speakerboxx/the love below
[5] deathcab for cutie - transatlanticism
[4] brand new - deja entendu
[3] thursday - war all the time
[2] everytime i die - hot damn!
[1] cursive - the ugly organ

honorable mentions:
reggie and the full effect - ..under the tray
spitalfield - wonder whats next
anatomy of a ghost - evanesce
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friends only [01 May 2003|09:51pm]
friends only
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